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Welcome to Petgohappy. Our team are commit to let your pet enjoy the ride in comfort!

Why we launching the Petgohappy brand?

Many dogs love to go on car rides, whether they’re in a dog car seat or not. Most people are careful to make sure they and their children are secured in safety seats and seat belts. But many owners don’t realize dogs should also be properly restrained while riding. Why?

Obviously, this means an unrestrained dog of any size can be a danger to both you and themselves in the car. When transporting your dog, however, restraining them can present a challenge. Cars are designed and crash-tested to transport humans (not animals) safely. Letting your dog run loose in the car is never a good idea. Any form of restraint, whether it’s a dog booster seat, safety harness, or crate, is better than none, but they must be used correctly.

In the event that you do have an accident, even a small one, a loose dog may panic and flee or bite. The best way to ensure pet safety is to purchase the best dog car seat, harness or carrier you can afford.

A loose or improperly restrained dog can not only be a dangerous projectile. They can also ruin your seats from chewing or getting carsick. They can get into your belongings and get hold of potential choking or poisoning hazards. Dog car seat covers protect your seats from messes and can be personalized for a more stylish look. For smaller pets, a booster seat for your vehicle can help them to see out of the window and stay comfortable during the ride.

Since your pet is such a valuable member of your family, you should take the time to choose a dog car seat!